About Us


We are a Davines & Green Circle Salon committed to keeping both our clients and planet beautiful. We believe in simply enhancing our clients natural beauty with an at home regimen to embrace your hairs natural texture. We believe beauty should radiate from within. We’re just here to help bring it to the surface. 

Green Circle

We are proud to be a part of the Green Circle Salon movement.

This means that 95% of our salon’s beauty waste is repurposed or recycled. We are committed to making sustainability on of our top priorities and doing our part to keep the planet beautiful. Our industry creates 877 pounds of waste every single minute and thats why we have become a part of the mission to change that. When you support a Green Circle Salon, you are supporting B certified business.

Our Artists

Lexi Ciara

Salon Owner & Stylist

Alexis Weiss


Kathleen Kelly

Assistant Stylist

Sara Costello


Cady Joyal

Assistant Stylist

Pro Tips:

Dry Hair?
Too Much Keratin is bad.

Most shampoos these days boast a keratin-rich formula that promises to revitalize your hair. What most stylists wont tell you is that those expensive bottles of shampoo are actually the reason your hair feels like a broom. All you need is a moisturizing treatment to bring your hair back!